Giving credit where credit is due…

Design and Development Partners

We are super grateful for the following folks who without, Reset would not have the website you see here today.


  • OPX, who defined us. Name, branding, design, you did it all.
  • Psycle, who implemented the design in HTML, CDD and Javscript.
  • Combonet****, who implemented Hugo to build the site have been with us from the start as our lead developers and tireless DevOps.
  • Maxwell Pearl & Throneless Technology, who’ve added secure messaging, notifications, and engagement within the application system via Signal and Slack as well as working on making the web app available via the Tor network and providing general DevOps.
  • Luminate’s Marketing and Communications team, most importantly, without whom we would have never arrived.

Engineering / Deployment

This is static site built with Hugo, hosted on GitHub with Cloudflare as our CDN.


The previous version of this site was a running Hypha, a Django and Wagtail based open call system. Since Reset no longer have open calls the site was simplified.