We want to change the way the internet enables the spread of news and information so it serves the public good over corporate and political interests. The business models of Big Tech companies – data aggregators, social platforms and online media – expose the internet to unprecedented levels of hate speech, disinformation and polarisation. We can stop this and ensure these companies work for democracy rather than against it.

We must reset the rules and standards for the products and services that are at the centre of these issues. And we must raise public expectations about how the internet can better support democracy, by explaining what’s wrong, exposing why it’s happening and offering solutions. We believe the internet can once again become a force for good, not a marketplace for manipulation by the highest bidder.



We work alongside affiliates and partners in four areas we believe will be instrumental in changing the way Big Tech companies operate. We’re developing a public policy agenda to ensure that these companies better serve democracy; supporting researchers investigating harmful technology and potential solutions; collaborating with technologists designing ways to empower users and offer alternative products; and partnering with organisations informing the public about what’s happening and how it can change.

We’re global, focusing on countries actively developing law and policy with sufficient force to make a positive change, including the UK, EU, Canada and Australia. We also work with partners in the Global South to counter digital disinformation.