Our goal is to restore the critical connection between media and democracy by neutralising the threats digital media monopolies pose to effective self-government around the world.

We believe the primary lever to make swift systemic change on this front is the enactment of new public policy that regulates the business model of surveillance capitalism. Most of our work is therefore focused on the development and promotion of new regulatory policy in markets large enough to matter to the industry – led by governments with the political will to confront the problem, and implemented by strong regulators and courts to enforce new rules. This effort requires effective public campaigns that engage affected communities in the call for reform, as well as the research and analysis to make an effective case. New technologies are also needed to support investigation, activism, education, and ultimately create consumer demand for change.

Through our network we collaborate with affiliates and partners in areas where we believe we can spark immediate, lasting change with an objective to surge capacity into near-term opportunities, prove the potential for transformation, and attract sustainable funding from the broader philanthropic community.

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Policy Change

We work globally to develop and advance a public policy agenda that sets fair rules and standards for Big Tech companies, ensuring their operations better serve democracy. Through direct advocacy with policymakers and grassroots campaigning, we promote new policies that give individuals control over their data, while protecting them from harmful content and online manipulation.
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Research + Investigation

We support a network of researchers studying the interplay between democracy and technology, with the aim of informing current policy debates. Through our partners, we are interested in identifying the ways technology is harming democracy and determining how such harms can be reversed. We are also working to help design effective legal and regulatory systems.
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We fund the development of technologies that empower researchers, activists, and consumers to expose and reduce the influence of digital disinformation enabled by online surveillance. We also support the design and implementation of new tools that enable in-depth research, community engagement, and educational insight into digital threats to democracy. Our Open Calls for technology projects and fellowships drive this innovative work.
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Public Campaigns

We work with organisations that help educate the general public about the problems caused by digital threats to democracy and mobilise citizens to take action to stop Big Tech’s subversion of the internet. Together, we illuminate the risks posed by surveillance capitalism and link our work with other movements beset by the problems in the information market – such as climate change and social justice. We also want to focus on scaling successful experiments in digital literacy and storytelling, including using entertainment to raise awareness about these critical issues.
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As opportunities arise, we work to pursue litigation in venues such as the EU and UK where new rules on collective redress allow US-style class action lawsuits to test the powers of Big Tech platforms via the assertion of data privacy, consumer protection, and human rights claims.


Reset Australia

Reset Australia works exclusively in Australia on matters of public policy advocacy, research, and civic engagement in an effort to counter digital threats to Australia’s democracy.