Resetting the internet for democracy

Reset is a global not-for-profit with a public interest mission. In practice, we are a hybrid organization that works in various ways to support a realignment of digital media markets with democratic values. We are practitioners – researchers, technologists, and policy experts. We are also a social enterprise philanthropy – working with public interest grantmakers to invest in partner organizations to pursue common goals.

We have staff and partners primarily (but not exclusively) in North America, Europe, and Australia. We work in these places because that is where we see the best opportunities to work with government, civil society, and industry to change the relationship between digital media and democracy.

The way we work is based on five primary offerings.

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We investigate, document, and explain how digital media products are exploited and manipulated to threaten the security, safety, and welfare of democratic societies.
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We provide expert assessments of how well existing laws govern markets and recommend reforms that better serve the public interest.
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We study new developments in digital product markets, building tools to support research and evaluating opportunities to make technology put people ahead of profits.
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Global Network

We work similarly worldwide and seek to share new ideas and best practices among our partners.
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We support organizations with shared values that deliver high-impact work.